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Thinking about putting a job posting on Craigslist? For many companies, job-boards are a key ingredient in finding candidates to hire. It’s a low-cost option and often part of the standard hiring process when adding new positions. Craigslist receives more than a million job-post every day, making it one of the biggest job-boards in the US.

Step by step guide to setup your job-post on Craigslist:

  1. Start by going to and click “Post” in the top right corner

2. Choose the location that fits best

2. Select what type of job posting you have

3. Verify the location that you have in mind and don’t forget to select the categories that the job-post belongs to (you can do more than one).

Whenever building the post, keep in mind that some types of posts are prohibited, and breaking those rules can get you reported and banned from using the service.

4. Create a job-posting
When creating the job-post make sure to have a great title and job description

Remember that when putting in your contact info you have the option of selecting “CL mail relay” instead of sending in your real email address. Mail relay will protect your email address from spam by creating an intermediate email address based on random numbers and letters.

Connecting your ATS with Craigslist
If you already have access to 50skills or a similar ATS, you can add an “Apply here” link anywhere in the job description, which will redirect candidates to your career site. If you want to do this, we also recommend switching the “email options” to “no replies to this email”, to reduce the likelihood of getting applicants through both email and your ATS.

Simply copy paste this code and put anywhere in your job description, and candidates will see a blue hyperlink, which will redirect them to your open position.

<a href=”url”>link text</a>

5. Add images to your posting
Craigslist offers employers to add up to 24 images to their posting. The best images are featured first and posts get much better exposure with great visuals that we highly recommend you upload.

6. Preview your posting and publish once ready

7. Once published, Craigslist will want to verify your account and collect payment for the posting


You should receive en email with a link to your posting (make sure you do not share this link!)

8. Payment
At this point, the only thing you have left to do is finishing the payment, and your job-post is live on Craigslist.

9. Can’t find your posting?
If you can’t find your job posting you can search for an email from “”.

Scroll down in your post to find your job ad and a link to edit, delete or repost it. Be careful not to share these links with unauthorised parties, since users don’t need to be logged in to make changes.

Managing applications from Craigslist

If you don’t have a recruiting system you will most likely receive job applications from Craigslist via email. This could mean a lot of work for you in managing candidates, deciding who to invite for an interview, forwarding them to the right sources within your organisation, and notifying candidates that didn’t make it through the interview. This could take up to a few weeks, since job-posts are live for 4 weeks at a time by default. And that’s just before you start to schedule interviews with candidates, background checks etc.

Using 50skills with Craigslist

By using a recruiting system like 50skills, you can get rid of a lot of those headaches. 50skills is an all-in-one recruiting software, that teams use to streamline their recruiting processes. Every time a candidate applies for your job-on craigslist, they are automatically put into the 50skills as candidates for jobs you have published. You can be notified every time a candidate replies, but by using 50skills it will become much easier for you to get an overview on where candidates are coming from, and getting an overview from your hiring team who is the best fit for the position.

50skills helps businesses streamline their hiring processes and makes it easy to collaborate with team members in finding the best candidate to hire

Does Craigslist bring quality candidates?
Every business is different, but what they all have in common is that they are run by people. The only way to know if Craigslist is bringing your business quality candidates is to track where candidates who apply for your jobs are actually coming from. Many businesses blindly post jobs to a number of different job-boards, often paying up to $400 for a single posting. They do this, without having any overview if the posting is bringing in candidates, or more importantly, qualified candidates. By using 50skills, you get a clear overview from which job-boards candidates are coming from as well as how many are coming from other channels and current employees who are helping source qualified leads.

With 50skills Recruiting Software, you can see how many of your candidates are coming from Craigslist, other job-boards and employees who are helping to source candidates.

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